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Tim Gent is on one with "King Sh*t" [Video]

I don't know what part of the world you're at, but where I'm sitting, it is cold, and dark, and raining, and that's sort of the perfect time to throw a track like Tim Gent's "King Shit" on and just mellow out. 

There are more than a couple songs with the same title, but most usually take a hard party vibe, while Gent takes a step back to mellow out and show that taking a step into the jazzy hip hop world would really make him king. He's got a fantastic flow, and while we admittedly haven't heard his entire back-catalogue yet, he's definitely someone we will be following closely. Can't wait to hear what this young rapper has coming next. 

The video was produced by Devo Films, and the track was produced by Free P


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