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Ghostface Killah and Kandace Springs reveal that "Love Don't Live Here No More"

Ghostface Killah and Kandace Springs come together for a soft, yet dramatic, heart hitting track "Love Don't Live Here No More." Ghostface has been absolutely slaying it lately, and this one takes the tough edge to the backspace, and nothing but love and desire comes forth in this piece. 

The video takes it a step further, with a teensy bit of violence and drama at the end, but with love and desire taking the reigns. It's a story of love and loss, and it hits the heart; while the dramaticism in the video is extreme, it's something on some partial level we can all relate to. The video was directed by Dan “The Man” Melamid and stars Michael K. Williams (from HBO’s The Wire and Boardwalk Empire).

Check out the video below, and snag his latest 36 Seasons here. His 

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