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MNDR flips Home Video's "Forget" into deep, epic house

Does house music come off as subtle to you? Or does it stick in your mind as just another form of anthem for shenanigans of the night time? When I think of good house music, I think of (for one thing, it has to be deep) an almost sneaky arrangement that utilizes emotional or easy vocals and samples, swooping in to surprise you with that first kick. Today I have one along those lines with a tad bit more of an epic vibe from vocalist MNDR.

EARMILK has shared MNDR before, on her collaboration with beatmaker goddess Tokimonsta. The New York/Los Angeles musician usually takes to the microphone on her releases, but today she's taken Home Video's "Forget" and turned it into an epic, deep house composition. The way in is extensive, with ambient and airing production, ultimately leading up to a heavy bass line and a few claps here and there. I really love the vocal distortion she lays down, using it more as an instrument of percussion amongst the background.

Take a listen to MNDR's edit of "Forget" below, and check out her most recent album Feed Me Diamonds here.



"Forget" Remix

  • December 16


Dance · Deep House · Electronic · House


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