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The Levelz in Manchester have been raised, with brand new video for "LVL 07"

Manchester, England has always been a city steeped in a rich in musical background. Some of the worlds most influential bands have spawned from it's smokey streets, including the likes of The Smiths, Oasis and Joy Division. Whilst Manchester has always been known for it's indie bands and dance music culture, in recent years, the rap scene in the city has been making huge strides to catch up. The likes of Murkage and Mosh Team have been releasing strong material the past couple of years, but an almighty supergroup has been forming under the radar, introducing to you; Levelz.

Comprised of eight of the City's finest emcee's, Levelz are Manchester's latest rap export bound for great things. Taking an eclectic mix of styles, mixing them together to create a track that's truly mindblowing. Backed by a hard hitting beat, complete with deep kicks and some slick drum patterns, each emcee takes it in turns to tear into the beat. Each flow is precise, and the lyricism shown is some of the best I've heard coming out of the UK all year. The video again see's the crew stick true to their Mancunian roots, filmed in various locations across the city, fitting the vibe of the entire project. 

You can peep the visuals for "LVL 07" below, and if you're feeling the track, it's available for FREE download over on the Levelz Bandcamp on the 22nd of December!

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