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French Horn Rebellion remixes Beyonce's "7/11" [Premiere + Mix]

Brooklyn based synth pop duo French Horn Rebellion jokingly refer to their genre as "basement dance party" and although part of that explanation is dead on -because it does make us want to dance, they've obviously moved far beyond house parties. Case in point they've premiered their officially endorsed remix of Beyonce's "7/11" on EARMILK today. Comprised of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari they've clearly found a solid place in the NYC music scene. 

So let's start with the Queen -Queen Bee to be exact- and their sultry remix that hits on just the right points of "7/11." Bey's sensual yet toned down vocals are kept intact but enhanced by a more tropical and lowdown beat. It sounded infinitely darker and if possible it made the playful original even more club ready. To describe this in one word -hot. 

On the smoldering remix FHR said, "Beyoncé is the absolute most!  We put all of our energy into making this remix bump like nothing we’ve ever done before.When we first got asked to do the remix of "7/11" for Beyoncé, the first thing we did was take a look at the her amazing music video for it.  It was then that we got the inspiration for the track — there’s a point at 0:40 when she twitches her business in a way (one cheek at a time) that made us think ‘We want to make something that will make somebody’s booty bounce like that!’  And so, a few days later- French horn Rebellion presents to you our remix- one of the most booty bumpin’ tracks we’ve done, and hopefully only a small sample of what is to come through Next Jack Swing!" 


Although French Horn Rebellion recently released a full-length LP Next Jack Swing -the title being another genre they dabble in- making sweltering beats and remixes is definitely a forte of the duo. Their 'Are You the Goddess' winter mixtape is available to stream on our site and downloadable here.  Again we see that beyond the basement mentality as it features re-works of Miami Horror, Janet Jackson and Ghosts of Venice amongst others. But it is still ultimately relatable and is really the kind of compilation that would make you dance anywhere, whether in a hot VIP club with Bey herself or at an apartment party amongst friends. But there is a deeper meaning beyond the dance aspect and the idea of the mythical "Goddess" men seek out -funny that we'd release this alongside Beyonce. 

Robert explained it as, "This mixtape is all about my new adventures into the world of dating.  Around every corner is hope, excitement, but also heartbreak, confusion, and everything in between.  Along this journey, French Horn Rebellion were on tour with Zak Waters last month, and he introduced me to this Youtube video of an 80s dating service, which basically sums up what it feels like to be a single guy Around this comes a myriad of tunes all about searching for that girl we call ‘The Goddess.’"



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