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These are the cohesive works of Pink Feathers: "Like You Do" and "The Feeling's Gone"

That's it. It's final. I'm moving into pop. The talent sprouting out of the immortal genre right now is too unique to run by unnoticed. It's authentic, it's energetic, and it sure is a nice break from the repetitive nature of music online today. I have another two-pack for you today, coming from the Portland grown lady Pink Feathers.

Eccentric Oregon isn't the only thing drawing my eye to Liz Anjos. She just released her debut EP Invisible Lines that strays from her normal pop sound, finding a new home in indie electronic alongside the production of widely popular RACThis isn't a new phase from the artist, as she has collabed with Andre Anjos of RAC numerous times, including the "90s woefully pop" cover of "Lovefool" by The Cardigans. Pretty cool that husband and wife can come together for an entire series of music.

Take a listen to both the new singles off of Invisible Lines below, and you can also grab Liz's debut EP here. Stay tuned for more Anjos family magic.


Electronic · Indie · Pop


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