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Mura Masa unveils his debut LP, 'Soundtrack To A Death'

Muramasa was the name of a revered Japanese sword-smith who was known for crafting some of the deadliest and exquisite weaponry of his time. It is also the moniker adapted by the 18 year old musical prodigy Alex Crossan who has quickly gathered a large following this year due to his intricate and emotionally moving Soundcloud releases that managed to get the attention of LA's rising production imprint Soulection and Germany-based record label Jakarta Records. 

Early last month, Mura may have dropped one of this years best electronic/instrumental records in the form of his debut LP, entitled Soundtrack To A Death released via Jakarta Records. Although most of the project's 14 tracks remain on the downtempo-trap side they all draw influence from a variety of genres and cultures, citing Japanese culture as a major one.

Just like his namesake, Mura's productions can be described as highly detailed and remarkably effective. Many of the tracks feature a barrage of oriental & worldly melodies, smooth electronic basslines, airy vocal samples, and heavy percussion that all-together form profoundly sentimental soundscapes. The project as a whole feels like more like a cohesive album with a consistent theme, complete with transitions and interludes, rather than a loose collection of beats.

This record not only displays of Mura's overall talents as a producer and ability to create fleshed-out projects, but also marks his transition from a capable Soundcloud producer to a full fledged artist. Make sure to check out the full project here and to come back to EARMILK for all of your music needs!


Mura Masa

Soundtrack To A Death LP

  • Jakarta Records
  • November 17th 2014




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