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Packy and Audio Push come together for "Plair" [Download]

Sometime when the weather has turned cold, hip hop always seems to make an amazing turn. perhaps the long days of sun, parties, and late nights, means artists are out about more, and the colder months means a return to the studio. I'm not sure why, but the end of summer is always a lull in hip hop, and winter months are conversely amazing. 

Anyways, this track is from rapper Packy, from The Specktators collective, and Audio Push, who promote a sense of individuality in "Plair." The track is sensual in its production, and addicting from the minute it starts. The rhymes in this are similarly impressive, and the flow is stunning. There's mention that there aren't enough press on Packy, but hopefully we're helping in some sort of way. This track is awesome, and also free, so get it now. 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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