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You'll be "Struck" by Velour Modular and Phon.o's new collab [Premiere]

If you don't know the name Velour Modular yet, there's no time like the present.  After releasing the head turning debut EP Capsule last year, the singer – real name Annabelle Guilhem – is preparing to release new tracks recorded with Berlin-based producer Phon.o.  There are no specifics yet concerning an upcoming release, but after hearing the pair's new song "Struck," chances are good that you'll be salivating for the rest.

The Capsule EP introduced a unique voice to the world of electronic music, one that eschews the well-traveled path of the "soulful" vocalist, instead transcending this to a plane of casual mysticism – no matter how emotional Guilhem's lyrics get, there's a distance in her voice, like she's watching from somewhere up above it all.  Enlisting Spanish producer Hektagon, Velour Modular delivered an impressive final product that sounded like Kuedo taking a stab at synth pop.  

With Phon.o replacing Hektagon for "Struck," there's a bit of a shift in mood.  Removing every last trace of pop, Phon.o uses shuffling percussion and emotive synths to give the track a gloomy feeling.  Under this grey, cloudy sky, Guilhem pnders the roots of desire and love a refreshingly poetic sensibility.  Expect a proper release from Velour Modular in early 2015.


Velour Modular

"Struck" (prod. by Phon.o) [Premiere]


    Electronic · Exclusive · Experimental · IDM


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