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Grey Sweatpants have got a hit with "Income Tax" [Video]

Flash Giordani & Wanderlei Duzer are the duo behind Grey Sweatpants, a one half Asian, one half Black, team that hails from Baltimore. They recently released "Income Tax," and while they haven't been a name everyone knows off the top of their head quite yet, they are definitely a group to keep a mental tab on from now on. 

Taking a very DIY style to the video, it shows the boys being boys and having a little fun between themselves with a video recorder. The song itself is lighthearted and highlights a fun, turn up side for the two artists. It's not too dramatic or serious, and on a dreary Wednesday in December, this is the perfect winter track that'll get us out of our ugly sweaters to have some fun. 

They also released another video titled "Diabetes" today as well. The track again takes an old video cam to record the boys going about their shenanigans. Check both videos out below.

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