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Oshan turns Hayden James' "Permission to Love" into a bubbly funk anthem [Premiere]

"Permission to Love" by Hayden James has crossed many keyboards across this constant chain of producers online, but I don't think I've come across one so astounding. Australian-based producers Oshan has a brand new "future" funk version of the track, and upon first listen I was admittedly confused. Its synth feature is surprisingly original, and perfectly placed. 

 Oshan had this to say about the release:

Being quiet for most of the year while working on my production, this is finally a direction I'm confident to share.

He seems to have a strategic and careful approach as an artist, which is reflective in his music. Every move is precise and unique when it hits, as if he took hours going note by note, changing the beat ever so slightly.  That's commitment at its best ladies and gentleman.

The Sydney based producer gained a lot of buzz back when he released an original called "Pusheen" back in June. When you break out of the gate in your career as an artist (moreover an electronic producer) and Diplo & Friends pick it up, you're way ahead of the pack. Other than that he's remained pretty sparing, but I'm stoked to give you this premiere of his newest edit of "Permission to Love":




"Permission to Love" Edit

  • December 3


Electronic · Future Funk


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  • thanks for posting this tune! A sweet introduction to a new artist.

    BUTTERFLYWINGTIP December 4, 2014 2:39 PM Reply

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