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Billy Ivan is "Asking" all of the tough questions [Video]

It's hard not to say that submissions are both the highlight and the low of my day, depending on who's sending the tracks in. There are days in which I find nothing, and then on the other hand, there are days like today, in which it seems like every single submission I've gotten has been straight gold. 

There doesn't seem to be too much information about young Billy Ivan quite yet, but there should be, as he blends the lines of experimental beats with hip hop rhymes. Although that might make him seem more like an experimental rapper following Cities Aviv, in reality he's a star in his own right.

Lyrically strong and profound, the young artist has a new music video out for the track titled "Asking." It's simple, and it's obvious we're seeing an artist in his earlier days, before success has fully taken over, and we're definitely we found this guy now. Check out the video below. 

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