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Khary Durgans is looking for "Peace N Sh*t" with QuESt and Smithsoneon

Rhode Island rapper Khary Durgans is hot off with a six track EP titled Swim Team. While this would stop a lesser man, Dugan has decided to keep dropping some fire with a remix this time of his track, "Peace N Shit," working with QuESt.

Bringing an interesting dynamic of thought provoking lyricism with a slick sense of humor, making him probably one of the most interesting people to pay attention to on the underground. Dugan seems utterly raw to himself, and QuEST brings heat to his verse as well. 

Dugan's Swim Team EP is definitely one to check out; it also brings him to work with Rome Fortune, is found on his Soundcloud. Check out the remix below. 



Khary Durgans

Peace N Shit (feat. QuESt)

  • December 2, 2014


Hip-Hop · Rap


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