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Oceaán is full of "Candour" in his newest track

Oceaán has been extremely busy lately. He's getting ready to release his newest EP, and has been slowly releasing tracks from it. Today he presents "Candour." 

Personally, I often divide the artist into two different styles- his work with vocals and his instrumentals both have recently emitted slightly different attitudes, and "Candour" falls into the second category. Filled to the brim with a beautiful voice that commands the entire time, the track is resilient, strong, and yet soothing and hits to the core. It's minimal, and yet stunningly complex. 

Check out the song below, and for those of you that missed his other drops from his upcoming EP, make sure to head to his soundcloud to check that out. Pre-orders for the EP can be found here for UK readers and here for US.



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