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Lost Kings warm up winter with "This Side Of Paradise" remix [Premiere]

Winter can be a cold maddening season that forces us to recluse, retreat, and recess in a grubhub induced coma. It can also be a time for cuddling, creating, chilling, and utilizing the time at home to do whatever the hell your heart desires. If you are already slipping into a sullen stupor let the uplifting stabbing synths from Lost Kings be the biting reminder you need to get off the couch, dance and do something. Their latest remix of “This Side Of Paradise,” by Hayley Kiyoko is an uplifiting antidote to the winter blues that will warm you from the inside and inspire you. Lost Kings add their progressive touch to this already beautiful song from the rising actress/singer-songwriter that blends into a harmonious celebration of comfort and company.


Hayley Kiyoko – "This Side Of Paradise" (Lost Kings remix)




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