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La+ch completes highly anticipated EP with RoadIIVegas

First La+ch brought us the hit "You Are My Summer", then followed with the highly successful "Nights" and a collaboration with Shan Vincent de Paul. Followed by the sweet sounding arrangement of "Hi-Life" and of course "Lolita". Today is the day that Toronto-based producer La+ch's project comes full circle with the final release of "RoadIIVegas", a masterpiece fit for rounding out what I think could be one of this year's best EPs.

Over the past month, La+ch and colleague producer (and EARMILK favoriteDustbuster have showcased numerous skill sets in music production, giving great appeal La+ch’s debut EP release. First they released “Nights” to rave reviews online, and saw the track become La+ch’s second consecutive Top 5 track on HypeM. Next came "Hi-Life", an up-tempo house track with La+ch providing a funky falsetto vocal performance in the chorus. “Lolita” has dubbed them as  "anything but one dimensional," as they quickly pivoted, bringing down the tempo in a song that only be categorized as defiant of its destined nature. 

La+ch’s vocal abilities balance perfectly with his ability to create a wonderful soundscape behind them. The high note is a popular note nowadays, and he hits it on point. The EP is available for sale exclusively on iTunes for 1 week starting today, before becoming available wide on November 17 via sideways. Enjoy!




La+ch EP

  • sideways
  • November 10


Dance · Easy Listening · House · Indie


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