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Amtrac revamps Elliphant and MØ's "One More" into dirty deep house ditty [Premiere]

Amtrac has transformed Elliphant and 's Scandinavian hip-hop jam "One More" into a dirty deep house ditty.  The prolific Kentuckian producer has released collaborations with Kaskade and Kastle, spun for BBC 1 Xtra's Diplo & Friends show and remixed Alesso and Shakko, all within the past month.  Now he gives us his deep house take on rising star Elliphant's "One More."

The song builds aggressively, blending deep bass riffs with drums, drum machines and a heavy beat.  Synthesizer notes climb into the chorus, where Amtrac distorts Elliphant's vocals to sound like an American rapper saying, "I got money."  The middle of the track brings mayhem, with deep beats, synthesizers and vocal samples bouncing off one another to construct hard dance vibes.  Amtrac slows it down for the last two minutes, decelerating the beat and vocal samples and allowing the DJ playing the song to smoothly transition to the next tune.

The remix EP, which includes Amtrac's take, is out now on Kemosabe Records.



One More (Amtrac Remix)

  • Kemosabe Records
  • 2014-11-10


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive · Indie · Pop


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