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La+ch defies classification on new single, "Lolita"

La+ch continues his bounce through genres with the new single, "Lolita."  After diving head on into house on "Hi-Life," and M83-esque indie pop on "Nights," (and racking up hundreds of thousands of SoundCloud listens in the process)  La+ch is back with a new, genre-defying sound on "Lolita."  The track blends experimental vocals, early dub-step beats and R&B silk, creating a rich, lush ear-catching soundscape.

The song starts gently enough.  Vocals come in slowly in a soft falsetto that sharpens and amplifies as the chorus emerges.  The singer/producer begs for his Lolita in the chorus, repeating her name in a voice full of distraught emotion as electronics pulse in the background.  Snaps, a piano melody and La+ch's squawking, synthesized vocals lead into the second verse and chorus.  An electric guitar closes the song out, adding another element to the diverse symphony of sounds.  We don't know what La+ch will put out next, but from what we've seen so far, we count on it being a unique blend of music's most interesting sounds and styles.

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  • Sideways
  • 2014-11-04


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