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Maxo Kream and Le$ run through the "End Zone" [Video Premiere]

Maxo Kream broke bad many moons ago and is only left with smoking shotgun cases, an affinity for the sticky green, and a darker outlook on life. The young Houston rapper’s releases could be charged for a number of crimes, except sugar coating his reality. He unabashedly wears his past on the brim of his fitted cap, forcing your eyes to stare at where he has been and into his unrepentant eyes. On tracks like “Hamsterdam” and “Whitney Houston,” he and his crew praise serving fiends and the drug dealing; while in Maxo’s video for “Lewinsky,” the Kream Clicc calmly and methodically commit a home invasion—going so far as tying up the owners in the garage.

Today, the Kream Clicc Gang general has decided to share with us his brand new set of visuals for “End Zone.” The track is a collaboration between Maxo and Jet Life’s Le$ that turns out to be a solid pairing. Le$ helps drive some of the typically ever-present umbra away from the track, but both rappers still focus on their street life and affiliations. However, Maxo’s impressive d-boy wordplay lingers and his companion is more than able to hold his own.

Maxo has always displayed his cleverness in his hooks and “End Zone’s” is no different; particularly the way he describes the way his crew prepares their product, like the “Green, Bay packing” line. A quick listen and you will be able to see the kitchen table covered with narcotics. Le$ delivers a verse that will make finding more of his music a priority in your life; his flow is Jet Life smooth, but the content is a little harsher.

The visuals find Maxo and Le$ mobbing in the street, swerving around in modded cars. It is simple, but highly effective at getting the crew centric point across. A number of homies stand around, blunts are passed, and liquor is gulped down. Like the accompanying song, the video is upbeat and revels in youthful ambivalence.

Maxo and Le$ showed out strong on “End Zone,” definitely reminding the world that they are formidable emcees. This has us excited to see where they take their music next. Hopefully this is the first of many new releases from Maxo, as it has been almost a year since his last tape dropped and we are due for another. We'll keep you posted.

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