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EARMILK presents "Sinful Syrup: #HALLOWEEN 2014" [Playlist]

HAPPY -MOTHAFUCKIN- HALLOWEEN! The EARMILK fam would like to wish you all a night of delicious debauchery and notorious nefariousness. Like DJ Khaled, we would like to express our appreciation for all our loyal readers out there, so, as a small token, we have thoughtfully curated a playlist appropriate for the late-night/all-night festivities. Now, this is not for the cute pumpkins, spirit-hood-wearing bros or basic cats. Over here, we like to do Halloween right, so this is for our fellow freaks and villains. Progressing from beast-mode, turnt vibes to kickback-coolin, trill vibes, here are 31 noteworthy tracks for your listening pleasure.  

To commence the games, we have imminent star, XVII with “Mercy Me,” which showcases the most epic brass-based beat.

Of course, we have RL Grime and Gesaffelstein, because what would Halloween be without these grimey gawds? We also had to throw in some filth-ridden rap from favorites like Flatbush Zombies and Travis Scott.

Braeden Bailey may be an unfamiliar name, but this Texan is going to be a force to be reckoned with. “death, from above” bangs and seemed the most appropriate, but the rest of his catalogue is worth your time.

While considering songs of sinful nature, Mr Flash - "Flesh" came to mind. Mr Flash takes on you some Enter The Void type of trip in this narcotic tune, packed with lewd groans and moans.

Dave Luxe is another Canadian killa, whose Soundcloud holds a wealth of club essentials. After all, he is the “Self-proclaimed King of Emotional Club Music.” By the time you get to his remix of DJ Paul’s “No Panties,” we hope the Drogos find their Khaleesis, and get ridin.


From the, still fresh, highly acclaimed You’re Dead! album, Flying Lotus’ “Coronus, The Terminator” transitions us into the second half of vibes.

Poter Elvinger, from the UK, is only tied to a handful of tracks, but each one is exceedingly exceptional. His music could be described along the lines of progressive, witch-house trap, and the striking rhythm and vocals in “Ghosts” will very likely be your new obsession.

Cavalier is one of those annoyingly young producers that are annoyingly gifted (<3). The 16-year-old from SoCal exhibits remarkable versatility, remixes on a spectrum from Bobby Shmurda to Justin Bieber. “Get Off Me” is his latest effort, in which he delivers menacing percussive measures.

Arca, one of the masterminds behind Kanye’s Yeezus and FKA twigs’ last two projects announced his own debut album Xen last month, and it is easily one of the most anticipated releases this fall. In “2 Blunted,” he imbues ghostly mutters and crafts a piece that is just disturbingly rewarding.

Drawing “Curtains” to wind down this playlist, we slip into oblivion with a slow-swinging beat and pitch-shifted vocals. “Curtains” is one that I’ve had on file for a while, but left it improperly named…and I could not tell you the relief and satisfaction when I was finally able to figure out who it was by: Chevy Rose, never will I forget your name again.

We also feature some of the devilish boys from the Team Sesh crew like Fifty Grand and Drip-133. If you’re not familiar with Team Sesh, think dark, ethereal, and atmospheric trap-ish beats, but on lean.

To properly close, we have Spooky Black’s “Reason,” and then a special tune from low-key, UK-based producer, cyberboy2003. The piano melody in “why x absoluterror” will bring the world and all its worries to a haunting standstill. *Fades out*

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