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Float away to Repeated Measure's newest single "Shady Trail, Half Moon" [Video]

Christopher Norwood is a SoCal-based multi-instrumentalist who has been releasing forward thinking electronic compositions under the alias Repeated Measures since early 2011. Norwood's sound can be described as a blend of ambient, UK influenced down-tempo rhythms weaved in with ethereal guitar melodies and vocal delights. As the rising artist readies the release of his newest LP, titled Collpase, on the new Alpha Pup subsidiary imprint New Los Angeles, he has decided to let loose a video for the lead single "Shady Trail, Half Moon".

The video, directed by Parker Anderson, features the work of visual artists Lilly  Zhou & Major Gape, whose multi-chromatic live art installation is put on display next to a gloomy poolside. It is a beautiful mix of visual mediums that coincides perfectly with the moody atmosphere of the single. Check out the video below, and keep your eyes out for the release of the Collapse LP, due out on New Los Angeles Records on October 28th!


Repeated Measures

"Shady Trail, Half Moon" [Video]

  • New Los Angeles
  • October 22, 2014



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Repeated Measures
6 years ago

thanks for the review guys, hope you like the whole album too!