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1000names has a "100km Neighbor" [Video]

So here is a bit of a weird one for today. Since Halloween is coming around the corner, nothing makes more sense than a group of people wearing masks drinking beer and dancing around. C3PO, Iron Man, and a bunch of tribal masks make its way onto their screen. 

1000names are a Bulgarian duo, and they've been at it for a long time now. With releases on labels like Black Acre, Project:Mooncircle, and Drut Recordings. The video itself was inspired by Harmony Korine, in which a party of people wearing masks gets posessed by some crazy voodoo. Some crazy things happen, especially to Chewbacca, and what results is a truly intriguing video. 

Make sure to check this out below, and snag the track off the Mad Hop Vol. 8 compilation. 


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