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Men Among Boys is stunning in "Rivers" [Premiere]

Men Among Boys is a British duo who's name is going to be one to remember over the coming months. Not much is known about the R&B duo, although previous tracks like " The Edge," and "PurpleBlack" demonstrate a sophisticated, refined style thats hard to master so early on in a duo's lifespan. 

With slow, drippy production, and dramatic vocals, the track instantly hits the soul. It's sensual, emotional, and pierces the heart. Unlike many production/singer duos, the lyrics seem to truly matter here, and it highlights a sad tale of betrayal, distrust, and total hurt. 

If you're looking for the ultimate breakup song, this is definitely it. However, even if you're into a more happier artform, this is still a stunning track that will be one to remember. 


Ambient · R&B


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