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Clint Norway has got some "Angel Dust" [Premiere]

There's some super great stuff coming out of North Carolina right now. A lot of my favorite underground acts are actually coming from there right now, and the latest to come out is none other than a young rapper named Clint Norway, who's strong vibe and lyrical mastery promises a strong future for the artist. 

Norway has recently relocated to San Diego to shift atmospheres and focus on his upcoming project, LostinNorway, due for an early 2015 release. To give a taste of what he's going to offer in the upcoming months, the rapper has premiered "Angel Dust," a sensual track that highlights his strength as both a rapper and tastemaker. Working with Manni Phantom and Retro 1 for this one, the track is instantly likeable and a great change of pace from a lot of other hip hop out there and it highlights Norway's ability to rap through any beat and topic. 

This guy is definitely on my list of people to pay attention, and we're waiting for LostinNorway with high hopes. Check out the track below. 


Angel dust cover

Clint Norway

Angel Dust (Feat. Manni Phantom)

  • October 16, 2014


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Rap


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