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dFresh lets us in on "The Strangest Secret"

There's a story from the famous inventor Thomas Edison that's near and dear to my heart. One night during the height of his career, Edison heard the news that a chemical explosion engulfed ten of his buildings, damaging the very works he spent his whole life creating. When he arrived on the scene, Edison saw the fire and reacted in a fashion opposite of most people: he began to laugh. "Go get your mother and all of her friends," he said. "They'll never see a fire like this again."

Why do I bring this up? In life, we're faced with events that are out of on control. Disasters strike. Friends double cross you. Deals will turn sour. But instead of focusing on the negative, you need to reverse your thought process and practice being grateful for what you've got. When you lab gets broken into and your gear gets stolen, do you give up and quit or keep making music? For Delaware's dFresh, it's the latter. After a rocky December robbery that left his studio stripped to the bone, Fresh called upon his fans through Kickstarter. A number of generous contributions later, D's now got his studio back, plus a story all about it. 

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Besides the slick Earl Nightingale samples sprinkled throughout the track (sidebar: if you haven't bumped Nightingale in the whip, you're missing out; his tapes will change your life) "The Strangest Secret" has dFresh dropping knowledge over some beautiful production. It's gloomy, yet inspiring, and it reminds us to not let the minor setbacks control our final outcomes. Word on the street is that dFresh has some new heat in the works, so check back real soon. 




"The Strangest Secret"

  • October 9th, 2014


Hip-Hop · Rap


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