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Persian Empire's 'Mongo Maracuja' EP is a spellbinding exploration [Premiere]

French label Cosmonostro is a favorite label of mine, for starters they are truly and simply genuine in their approach and secondly they consistently put out an impressive and quality body of music. Their roster and catalogue is a gold mine of some of the most innovative and euphonious sounds you probably haven’t heard yet, but need to.

Enter Persian Empire, or 22-year-old Sam Khatam from Germany. His splendid debut EP Safe Often came out last fall, and would be best described as phantasmagorical. Today, he is back with more astounding work, this time it's his sophomore EP Mongo Maracuja. HIs experimental style is not typically what I listen to, but, clearly, I should be. When I discovered and first heard Sam’s music, my soul was mind-blown. I was so moved and refreshed by this unique, meditative sound. Mongo Maracuja features the Persian Empire signature: ghostly, pitch-shifted vocals, deep bass, cinematic, moody piano, interlaced by smooth synths, and of course, those offbeat claps. Sam has a remarkable prowess for fusing and juxtaposing an array of sounds to somehow create a detailed, harmonic composition that has this organic feel and eccentric energy.

Come away with me on this journey:

Beginning with “Jugo,” it is midnight in Paris, and I’m wandering the streets… 

Next, the title track, “Mongo Maracuja,” takes me to this romantically nostalgic train ride scene. I’ve just said farewell to a lover, and now I’m staring off into the scenic distance...

 “To Na Bi,” feels like I’m playing scavenger hunt in The Amazon rainforest…

We close with “Tilt,” on vacation in the Carribbean. I’m lounging in the hypothetical yacht with bubbly, occasionally taking dips in the water…Ahh

Persian Empire has this subtle, sublime touch. This is fine modern music. If only the masses could listen to more music like this…


Persian Empire

'Mongo Maracuja'

  • Cosmonostro
  • 10/6/14



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