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Neosignal makes us part of the "Machine" [Premiere]

Some times you just need to go back to the basics. No festival climbs or bassy drops, just something raw and industrial, something that feels mechanical at heart but pumps digital blood. Neosignal gives us just that with their forthcoming Space Gsus EP, due out next month on October 13th via Division Recordings. Comprised of Florian Harres & Michael Bräuninger (aka Phace and Misanthrop), the German duo have experimented with elements from wide-ranging electronic genres to create their current masterpiece. 

"Machine" comes as the first track off the Space Gsus EP, a meticulous work that captivates listeners through deliberate electro progression layered over constantly shifting industrial flares. Behind the track breathes a being, half man, half computer, who carries the song from beginning to end through heavy, modded vocal lines. Keep an ear out for the 7-track EP, which drops in two weeks after 18 months under construction.




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  • Division Recordings
  • 2014-10-13


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