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Echos asks us to "Stay With Me" [Remix]

Sam Smith gave us the ballad of a lifetime this last year, "Stay With Me" is a true heart felt message of pure synergy between two souls. With a goose bump enduing performance at the VMA's, it is hard to make a case that anyone can come close to the realm Smith achieved during the creative process that went into his modern day classic. Although, like a love story untold there would be no happy ending if we didn't hear the returning call from the female perspective on this piece. We look no farther, as that sound has an answer from the powerful duo of Echos.  

Echos once again could not have picked a better song to put their heart and soul into. The vocal driven group took hold of the simplicity of lyrics but still found a way to make such little words carry enormous weight. As the sound journey begins with a powerful piano and infectious lyrics from the mysterious female vocalist from the group, her voice acts as a soft echo in a quite room. As the kick drum starts to play, just when you've began to grasp your mind around the sound of her voice, bass takes over. The remix takes full circle into something really special as the group has out down themselves again, continuing to push higher on what these two can accomplish. In the end there is only one Sam Smith, but this is the only thing that Echos today.     

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Sam Smith

"Stay With Me" (Echos Remix)

  • Self Released
  • September 24th


Bass · Electro


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