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Keys N Krates share the full stream of 'Every Nite' [EP Premiere]

Over the last month, Keys N Krates have been hard at work teasing fans with their much-hyped Every Nite EP.  So far "Are We Faded" and "Understand Why" have set a lofty precedent for what we can expect on the release, with the former lead single already having garnered over a million plays. Weeks ago we scored an exclusive playlist from the Canadian trio, showcasing the tracks they listen to when it's time for hype and when it's time for chill. Considering the flow of the 6-track release, which dropped today on Dim Mak Records, and the two works we've heard in full so far, their playlist stands as an appropriate prelude to the full EP: a blend of highs and lows that will satisfy any bass- and beat-thirsty listener.

Many of us may caught snippets of the remaining tracks on Rinse FM this last Saturday, and each song imparts something new to the release. "Hypnotik" immediately put me in a trance with a captivating vocal melody that dips into a quick harp interlude.  Contrasting this, "Yes We Faded" carries a slightly ominous feeling by starting with a high-pitched, alternating line that flows into crisp snare work. Taking it back a notch, "Your Love" boasts flitting electro riffs and rounder bass beats that make for a dreamily smooth track. Finally, "She's So High" follows in the methodic footsteps of "Are We Faded" but in a stripped down manner that brings the EP full circle.

Buy Every Nite  on iTunes today and be sure to catch Keys N Krates on their current tour, where they will be playing night after night from now until November across North America. Full dates can be found here and the entire EP just below.

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