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Simon de Jano and OutOfSync celebrate "Tha Bronx" [Premiere + Download]

Turbofunk, the electrifying mix between electro house and old school disco sounds, continues to be alive and well with Italy's main purveyor of the sound, Body Heat Music. In the last days of August, they released the Turbofunk Nuggets Vol. 2 EP, which featured a 4-track sample of updated 70s sounds, including an extended preview of today's work, "Tha Bronx" by Simon de Jano and OutOfSync. de Jano, who graduated from the Conservatory of Milan, boasts a long list of official remixes for high-profile dance artists, pairing that with his own originals and OutOfSync's skill, which has graced the imprints of Protocol and Doorn

"Tha Bronx" demonstrates the artists' ability to blend turntable interludes and crisp vocal samples with syncopated, grinding mids to dish out the fast-paced funk that we've come to know and love from Body Heat. Though the track officially releases next week, you can download it now from de Jano as a celebration of hitting 25k fans on Facebook!



Simon de Jano & OutOfSync

"Tha Bronx"

  • Body Heat Music
  • 2014-09-23


Dance · Electro House · Exclusive


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