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J-Zone creates heavenly remix of "Angel And The Fool" [Premiere + Download]

The haunting feeling of being helpless to change someone else’s emotions or actions is the driving impression from Broken Bell’s “Angel And The Fool”. The original track is slow and sweetly melancholy, which is a tone kept intact with New York’s J-Zone’s latest remix. While fans of the original track will still recognize the song, J- Zone adds a bassy, consistent beat that breathes new life into the track. The electronic beats build a strong and interesting background to James Mercer’s calm and patient vocals, but don’t over power them. It’s a perfectly balanced new take on a moody classic.

Broken Bells begin a fall tour of the U.S. with dates set for New York, LA, Dallas and many more. To see the full tour schedule click here


Broken Bells

"Angel and the Fool" (J-Zone Remix)

  • Old Maid Entertainment Inc.
  • September 16, 2014


Alternative · Electronic · Indie


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