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Circula presents "Baduladu/Lost" [Premiere]

Circula is the name of producer A. Brooks, who's currently based out of Berlin, but originally from Devon, United Kingdom. With a sound that I can only begin describing as post-dubstep, the label has a much more elegant way and simple way of describing their sound as "fluid, rhythmic music that is at home on a big soundsystem." 

The artist has had work released in the past through Chord Marauders label and Disco’s Dead, but he's soon about to release work via Push & Run, and with it  "Baduladu"  and "Lost." These two tracks highlight the brilliance of this artist, as "Baduladu" brings forth a sense of urgency and mania, while "Lost" presents a dreamscape that one can easily fall into throughout the five and a half minute journey. 

Check out the experimental pieces below, they're available for free download, so why not?!




  • Push & Run
  • September 12, 2014



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