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Whiiite trips then traps on Moguai's "Aciiid" [Premiere]

Back in spring of this year, Moguai reawakened our senses with the vibrant electro house track "Aciiid", a song that harkens back to 90s classics and a time when dance still lived in relative obscurity. That sound, that unmistakable mid, always sparks a conversation, especially in remixes. When done right, it can be a serious triumph for an artist, such as Candyland's untouchable flip of the ever-popular "Sandstorm" by Darude. Here today, Whiiite throws his hat into the mix with his rework of "Aciiid".

Built on top of that iconic throwback melody, the song features a simple but effective break, rolled over with all the studded trap fixings you could want. Whiiite also has been a serious backer of the Fuck Genres, Make Music mantra, a quality that can be seen throughout his social presence, as well as his range of productions that span future to mombah to electro house. Listen to the premiere of Whiiite's "Acid" remix here and keep close tabs on the California artist, who regularly plays shows in his Los Angeles hometown.



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