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Wumpa Fruit's "Don't Talk" needs no words to impress [Exclusive Download]

Obsession can hit a person in a variety of colorful ways, and for me it was always with music (and film, but that's for another day). Whenever I listen to a song, I study the intricate snares and bells and try to listen to the components that make a whole. I'll read linear notes with an intense ferocity that I wish I could direct toward my studies at school, and ditch my plans for the day as soon as record shopping pops into my head.

It also means record labels start creating personalities and revealing themselves to be of a certain style and sound. If you're an avid reader of EARMILK, you'll probably have a few favorite record labels of your own. I tend to prefer the dark, the ominous, they weirdly turn out to be some of the funnest labels to work with and incredibly well-rounded, although other labels are great too.  

With that in mind, I present to you a great track I was able to snag from the great people over at Bad Taste Records, who have been releasing some bizarre, yet exciting, music. From the likes of Lean Low, Doctor Jeep, and Robokid, their back-catalogue is a wet-dream for those that like strange beautiful sounds created by passionate producers. 

They've got a compilation album in the works, and while we wait, we've got a track from Wumpa Fruit available for a free download. The track "Don't Talk," is an intense mental journey that pushes forth the darkest corners of the mind and explores the areas of our brains we don't normally venture. It's haunting, menacing, and yet draws something special out; considering he's named himself as the fruit in Crash Bandicoot, this all rather makes a lot of sense. this song also may or may no be the first track of the entire compilation, so it definitely sets the mood for the rest of the series perfectly. 

We've snagged the download for this, so this is not one to miss! Check it out below, and snag the grime compilation come September 10th



Wumpa Fruit

Don't Talk

  • Bad Taste Records
  • September 10, 2014
Bass · Electronic · Exclusive · Post-dubstep


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Bad Taste Records
6 years ago

bigup! cc @timbahontoast

Bad Taste Records
6 years ago

bigup! cc @timbahontoast