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BSN Posse's "I'on Need U" is all you need today [Premiere]

BSN Posse is the Spanish duo that you ought to know about. Instrumentals and production have been on a serious boom lately, and with the rise of guys like BSN Posse, it's definitely not hard to see why. 

We've managed to score the video premiere for "I'on Need U," which follows the guys through a series of events in a day in their life. It's spliced with some weird transitions and a change from color to black and white and back again. The track itself is fast-paced and emotional, a great combination of the carefree attitude that would come with a track that's titled what it is. 

BSN Posse's a name that gets thrown around in the underground production circles, so it's really cool to be able to have the chance to premiere some of their work. Check out the awesome track and video below.


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