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Badboxes pull through "Like a Star" [Premiere + Video]

You may remember back in February (about half a year ago, ya know) when I introduced to the futuristic expression of Badboxes' "The Mystery". The video was a truly original and authentic perspective on a possible future, obviously geared up with the complements of spectacular music. I was notified that my write up garnered the attention of Wiz Khalifa who, even though he may not be the most ideal to discover them, praised BB for their innovativeness on camera (and whatever other good stuff Wiz might have to say). Well today they are more than exuberant to bring you a new single, "Like a Star".

Although very different from "The Mystery", "Like a Star" offers up a new persona(s) to the group, showcasing much more of the pop side these boys categorize with. Of course we hear the hard snare like always, but the remaining instrumentation in this track is new to my ear. In addition, the woman dancing in the water adds much more open interpretation, but I choose not to ask too many questions and bask in it's sheer beauty.

This song is a Youtube only release, kicking off a phase of releasing singles, mixtapes, EP's, and other creations that have been made over the last few months. The only hint the band gives us is as follows:

"Winter is coming."

Badboxes spent the tail end of 2013 touring with Robert Delong, and released official remixes of the likes of Diamond Cut and The Mowglis, leaving me no choice but to be overly anxious for the next project. Their newest EP Jsmn is available on iTunes now, as well as their Soundcloud. 

Alternative · Pop · Synth · Synth Pop


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