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Get wavvy with KR$CHN's new "KILL"

This one is for my fellow lovers of salacious beats and underground party people. KR$CHN (pronounced KRYS-TIAN) is a Chicago producer that has been grinding away at some filthy, filthy beats. His latest release “KILL” accomplishes exactly that. I feel like I’ve been transported to some decrepit warehouse in the 90s, packed with a raging crowd on acid, even though technically, I’m sitting here, sipping on coconut water. Now, that says powerful. I advise you to listen to this on blast as though you’re asking for tinnitus and complaints from the neighbors. It’s really the only way to listen to this kind of heavy tune and do it justice. I guarantee the growling bass will bring out the freak in you. Let’s get wavvy. Watch out for KR$CHN’s new Home EP, dropping next month. You can peep the first single “Trauma” here


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Beat · Industrial


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  • Check out @KRSCHN's grimey "KILL"

    Isabel August 26, 2014 11:30 AM Reply

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