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The Black Keys sing the blues in "Weight of Love" [Video]

The Black Keys have released visuals for their latest single "Weight of Love." The video includes appearances by models Lily McMenamy and Lara Stone taking part in strange group activities. "Weight of Love" is a nearly seven minute epic filled with bluesy guitar riffs and psychedelic sounds. The Keys' latest single is a bit reminiscent of classic Pink Floyd tunes because of it's calming intro, which slowly builds into rock n' roll euphoria.

The women in the video engage in strange choreographed dances, which is quite mesmerizing to watch. Director, Theo Wenner does an excellent job of catching the beauty of the scenery and the actresses throughout the clip. In my opinion, the most interesting moment in the clip is the acctress watching the sunset as the song comes to it's melodramatic ending. Indulge in "Weight of Love" below.

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