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For young Spooky Black, "DJ Khaled is My Father" [Video]

Internet cult hero and and FUBU aficionado Spooky Black is back with a stunning realization and a video to boot: "DJ Khaled is My Father." How is this possible? What was the Suffering From Success rapper doing in Minnesota? Does this mean we'll see Spooky laying it down with Khaled and Rick Ross on their next track? We've got a ton of questions on our minds while we wait for the final hearing from the paternity test. Similar to the Minnesota rapper's breakout hit, "Without You," this video brings Spooky back to the forrest for him to deliver his signature soothing sounds. What's I've always enjoyed about this guy is how he went the back route to success. Instead of having a super clean, blinged out video filled with females bending at his every word, he's opted for a grainy, home movie style direction to get his message across. "DJ Khaled is My Father" is the closing track from Spooky's Leaving EP, so make sure you check that out for more soulful music.



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