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Sky Heavens follows Eminem's Wembley Stadium show with "Hear Me Cry" [Video]

Eminem recently became the first rapper ever to headline London’s Wembley Stadium. It was an incredible show which I was lucky enough to attend and the Rap God’s set was a magnificent mash-up of old school favourites and recent smashes; Sky Heavens brilliantly performing the hooks on tracks such as “Monster”, “Love The Way You Lie”, “Survival” and “Stan”.

She was so good in fact, that plenty of giddy Brits left the show believing they’d seen Rihanna sing as well as Eminem play the biggest UK show of his career. Heavens’ new track and video for “Hear Me Cry” just premiered on MTV Wrap Up and the Brooklyn native will hope the stellar effort takes her solo career to the next level after the monumental Wembley appearance. An enjoyable blend of seductive R&B and pop/EDM goodness reaches its climax around the 1:30 mark.

The “climactic” nature of the music and the intimate video hasn’t gone unnoticed as Heavens jokingly admitted that “everyone thinks “Hear Me Cry” is about masturbation. But really it is about finding your inner light and learning how to love yourself.”

However you choose to love yourself, be sure to check out Heavens' new single on iTunes and watch the “Hear Me Cry” video below, as well as a live performance of “Stan” with Eminem which was captured for Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

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