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Take a peak into This Will Destroy You's upcoming album 'Another Language'

So we think it's about time that the band This Will Destroy You (TWDY) has made an official appearance on these hereabouts. Chances are, you haven't heard of TWDY and given the current trends in modern music, it's completely understandable. TWDY is a four-piece post-rock band hailing from San Marcos, Texas. Think of Explosions in the Sky, but a little heavier and melancholic. Believe it or not, TWDY is already quite the powerhouse in the post-rock scene. They're almost a house-hold name among fans of this particular genre. Until recently, they made headway into the limelight with their 2011 album Tunnel Blanket, which debuted on Billboard Heatseaker Album Chart at number 25.  

Their time to shine is slowly coming with their impending album drop of Another Language due in September via Suicide Squeeze Records. They described this particular album as "doomgaze", a combination of doom metal and shoegaze. If that alone doesn't get your attention for TWDY, we don't know what will. They recently released two singles from the album to give us a little taste of what they mean by "doomgaze". After thoroughly listening to "Dustism" and "Invitation", it is safe to assume that Another Language will certainly destroy you. 



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