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Sleepin Giant and Ruben Hein's "Let's Get Serious" gets the remix treatment from EAN [Premiere]

Sleepin Giant's first official release, perfectly titled Purple, was a modern ode to modern soul and featured five tracks that beautifully captured the essence of this producer. The five track EP is getting the remix treatment now, and we've managed to snag one of the tracks for a premiere.

"Let's Get Serious," which features vocals from Ruben Hein, has been beautifully recreated by EAN . Part ominous nightmare with a dash of majestically vocals displayed over beautiful beats, the track is an absolute stunning remix of an already superb original piece. EAN admittedly is not a producer I'm particularly familiar with, but after this, I'm definitely going to find out more. 

Check out the track below and purchase the original release via Bandcamp here, and this remix, along with the rest of the remix EP, will be out September 1st



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