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Float away to Mndsgn's new visual for "Eggs" [Video]

 As beat-making virtuoso Mndsgn gears up for the release of his highly anticipated debut album Yawn Zen on Stones Throw Records, the producer has decided to release some dreamy visuals for the stand-out single off of his Surface Outtakes project titled "Eggs". 

Directed and edited by the talented Alima Jennings, the surreal visual has the producer in an wearing an ultra shiny aluminum suit as he wanders around various parts of Los Angeles, resembling an otherworldly being sent to Earth to dance and deliver funky good vibes. The dated recording style and abstract editing coincides with the song's drugged-out aesthetic perfectly, making for an exceptional audio-visual experience. View the video below and be sure to keep your eyes out for Mndsgn's Yawn Zen LP that is scheduled for release on August 26th.



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