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Kevin Sinatra drops the first single off his debut LP, the emphatic "Sinatra Sinfonia" [Video]

When I first stumbled upon Virginia native Kevin Sinatra back in January when fellow writer Jahn Parker premiered the incredibly dope "East Coast Wave", I was surprised that an emcee of this talent hadn't come to my attention sooner. Indeed that track was my first listen to a rapper who's been pushing music for almost a year to that point.

With a few months passing since I first came across Kevin, and a series of singles and features alongside the likes of Hefna Gwap and OG Dutch Master, the young rapper is back with the first single taken from his forthcoming debut album Medulla Oblongata. What Kevin brings on "Sinatra Sinfonia" is the belief AND proof that his career as a rapper is blossoming, and his true potential is shining through. Backed by one of my favourite sounding instrumentals of the year so far, produced by Virtuoso The God, Sinatra snaps on the beat, as he spits with intensity and passion delivering some of his most well moulded verses to date. Alongside the track dropping we've been treated to the visuals, with a rather religious theme, as Sinatra is seen rapping in a church, before heading back to his girl in an apartment block.

You can peep the dope visuals for "Sinatra Sinfonia" below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Kevin's debut LP Medulla Oblongata, which should be dropping soon!

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