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danglo moves to the "Spotlight" [Exclusive]

London-based producer danglo is someone you definitely don’t want to sleep on. “Spotlight,” featuring Ivan Franco is the first track on his eponymous EP, containing three original dance tracks, as well as two remixes by The Golden Boy and DE$IGNATED.

“Spotlight” is one of the most sonically appealing tunes I’ve heard in a while, one that has a rare universal appeal quality. There are different layers and rhythms seamlessly woven in, and it wouldn’t do justice to articulate such fine craftsmanship other than as the most euphoniously arranged sounds.

Float away to Ivan’s voice gently crooning, “Tell me what you want, you’re in the driving seat…” Danglo’s Spotlight EP is his first release on Parisian label Kitsuné, and will be out next week on July 28th.




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Ivan Franco
6 years ago

@danglomusic cheers for the review!