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Adventure Club stay "Gold" with Candyland & REVOKE remix

Canadian dubstep duo Adventure Club's meteoric rise continues through 2014. Even with their hectic tour schedule, Christian Srigley & Leighton James have continued to put out excellent remixes and original tracks, including their recent excellent EP, Calling All Heroes Pt. 1 (and if you haven't checked out the EP, you should do that soon!). And today, the boys shared a remix of one of the tracks from that EP, and boy... is it a doozy. "Gold" was already an incredible track, with Yuna's vocals backing AC's penchant for bass-heavy, melodic dubstep. But what Candyland and REVOKE do to it should be considered masterful, turning the dubstep track into some of the best, most progressive, well-constructed trap I've ever heard. It really is THAT good. So make your whole life better and check out the song below (and grab yourself a copy while it's a FREE download!). 


Adventure Club

"Gold" feat. Yuna (Candyland & REVOKE remix)

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  • 7/22/2014
Electronic · Post-dubstep · Trap


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