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Pris cites steadfast techno bomb with "If She Cracks, She Bears" [Premiere]

Since the emergence of his debut EP, Unbeknown To Us, London producer/ Resin label head, Pris, has pulled the reigns on some tough and robust sounds surging out of the United Kingdom. Coming off the imprint's third release - a feature that presented a smokestack four tracker by Metrist - Pris keeps momentum rolling with the label's fourth catalog, A Shot Across the Bows.

Stamped with the label's customary artwork that plays with distinctive variable colorings resembling a microscopic zoom, the substance in between the vinyl grooves proves to be just as radiant and appealing. The four tracks express the floor-oriented demeanor of Resin's central purpose. Relentless and unyielding in thrust, there is still a rhythmic sweet spot resonating on both sides of this record that exposes Pris' keen structural abilities. Get a glimpse of  A Shot Across the Bows with EARMILK's exclusive stream of "If She Cracks, She Bears" below.






A Shot Across The Bows

  • Resin
  • 29-07-2014


Exclusive · Feature · Techno


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