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We talk to the amazing Arkon Fly, plus new music [Interview + Premiere]

Arkon Fly, which consists of Big Jam and Bixby, quickly gained attention for being a weird mesh of nostalgic funk and contagious dance, and I've had an insatiable hunger for more every time they've released something new. When the opportunity to interview the guys came up, it was impossible to say no, and that combined with a premiere is a bit of a mini-dream come true. 

The premiere track below is a remix by Brunelle, which brings forth the dance element in the track and layers it with metallic synths and smooth sound. It's definitely a revision to the funky nature of Arkon Fly, making Brunelle's refined version entirely his sound and style.

Check out both the track below and our interview with the guys!

EARMILK: Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! You’ve been slightly aloof about how you started, can we get a little bit of an intro on how you two got to be Arkon Fly?
Big Jam: We met at a gig had a chat, went back to the studio that evening and penned a banger. And thus, it was born.
EM:  In the Rob da Bank interview, you said you were more into the classics than you were present day music. Can you elaborate on who (or what styles of music) you have been listening to craft your sound?
Bixby: Everything from Bach and Beethoven to System of a Down and Prince. There's no particular thing. Its whatever makes us tick regardless of genre. Our sound is just something that naturally comes out when we write together. Its spontaneous.
EM: Where are the best places to get records or to find new music in the UK that people might not know about?
BJ: The blogs rule the waves!
BB: Indeed
EM: What are your essentials in the studio?
BB: Good set of monitors, ath m50 headphones, guitar, bass, keyboard, mic, a secret weapon and some black pepper
BJ: A beast of a computer and a beckoning cat.
EM: Ok, about to switch gears a bit. Your music has a bit of a London flair to an old-school funk vibe. It’s friday night, where is the best place to have a drink and dance the night away? I’m from Los Angeles, so if I were in the UK, what would be the best way to spend my weekend for the ultimate dance experience?
BJ: If its not raining, there are a few spots I can show you for some street drinking vibes! Fuck a club.
EM: Finally, I try to ask every artist this, but what is your one advice for budding producers learning how to make and perform music? 
BB: Learn how to play and listen to instruments. This way you have more chance of creating a sound that only you can create
BJ: I don't feel like Im in any sort of position to give anyone advice lol 

 Thanks guys! Check out more of their tracks through their socials below, and make sure to jam to their new remix by Brunelle. 



Arkon Fly

Back Seat (Brunelle Remix)

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  • July 17th, 2014


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