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Lean Low and Emira come together for dance track "Evelyn" [Premiere]

Lean Low is the alter ego of producer Darkstorm, who's known for his hip hop beats and for running Bad Taste Records. The busy man seems to be doing the impossible of juggling two artistic outlets and a record label, but somehow he's still managing, and by managing we mean we've got a premiere of a track he did with vocalist Emira in his newest work "Evelyn." 

The song cleverly chops the vocals and intersplices it between an addicting dance beat that never falters in feeling like a piece of art. While dance can easily be credited to a desire to party, the track feels like a mesh of beautiful vocals, perfect production work, and a dash of integrity to create something special. It's not pretentious or overreaching in any way, and there's a perfect balance of fun and hard work felt here. 

Check out there track below. It will be out officially Monday July 21st via Overcooked Records



Lean Low

Evelyn (Feat. Emira)

  • Overcooked Records
  • July 21st, 2014
Dance · Electro Soul · House


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Darkstorm / Lean Low
7 years ago

thanks for premiering! Shouts to @overcookedrecs too

Darkstorm / Lean Low
7 years ago

thanks for premiering! Shouts to @overcookedrecs too