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Vic Mensa drops some fun in "Feel That" video

It has already been established that Vic Mensa might be in a dark place, perhaps one could say he was down on his luck. However, it seems the Chicago emcee is taking a proactive approach in battling his depression, in order to climb out of the rut he finds himself in currently. Of course, most of this is just hypothetical, made to add weight to his hyperactive persona, but it does make for an intriguing story line. Combining his previous release, "Down On My Luck", with his new video, "Feel That", a ying-yang effect is produced; one that is more concerned with youthful artistic or socialite angst than moral obligations. Together they help to show Vic as an every-young-man, who understands both sides of the celebrity lifestyle. 

"Feel That" begins the way many of Friday nights start, with a conversation that is too serious and too depressing, reminding everyone involved that "fun" needs to happen immediately—usually in the form of their favorite narcotic. For Vic and his friend, fun is the choice flavor of the night. Taking a droplet to the ear, our rapping protagonist's plans are transformed from mundane to epic real quick. There are beautiful women, fast cars, a raging house party, and his homie Chance the Rapper even shows up for a second. It is almost like an absurd innocent version of a 2 Chainz video, with plenty of rump shaking and dollar bills being thrown around. 

Vic channels his inner trap flair for "Feel That", which is fitting for the beat. On the other hand, nothing this kids does these days sounds like anyone else, he has his own unique style. While he does successfully create a hook that is easy to chant, Vic's singing slurring is about an octave below his Atlanta counterparts; making it sound less grating and decipherable. Overall, the track sounds well done and his streak of great singles continues.

Street Lights, Vic's forthcoming EP, is said to be on its way, but there hasn't been any dates or details given yet. If it sounds anything like his two singles thus far, fans will be treated to a much more mature artist. Check out his soundcloud to hear more of his music, you won't be disappointed. 

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Ivy Material
7 years ago

“: Vic Mensa drops some fun in "Feel That" video - http://t.co/Jmuuchoemf @VicMensa”